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Growing Nutrition-Based Practices with Meal Planning & Coaching

FREE to Sign-Up & Starting at ONLY $99/per client
*No upfront fees or fixed monthly costs. Restrictions may apply
12 nutrient-based eating plans designed to unlock the healing powers behind foods for specific wellness conditions.
Meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and food substitution guides help patients conquer their dietary goals.
Done-for-you coaching by functional medicine dietitians, nutritionists, and coaches further helps grow nutrition practices.
Are you frustrated with patients not staying compliant with their supplement protocols or getting the best results because they don’t eat right? If so, you’re not alone! Most healthcare practitioners do not have the time or team members to work one-on-one with patients on their eating and lifestyle changes. Without proper support and realistic dietary plans for patients to follow, they usually do not get the best results.

Nutrevo Body by Evexia Diagnostics provides a turnkey nutrient-based meal planning and coaching system for healthcare practitioners. No more having to handout food guides and giving patients one-size-fit-all dietary plans. The nutrient-based eating system combined with outsourced nutrition coaching is the new way in optimizing patient results and growing practice revenue.
  • Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
  • 30-Minutes or Less Recipes
  • Food Substitution Guides
  • Serving Size Portion Guides
  • ​Nutrient & Whole Food Guides
  • Nutrevo Body IOS & Android App
  • Meal Pic Sharing with Nutritionist
  • ​Weight, Fitness, Hydration Tracking
  • ​Daily Symptom Metric Tracking
  • ​Supplement Compliance Check-Ins
  • ​Wearable Integrations
  • Unlimited In-App Coach Messaging
  • One-on-One Coach Support
  • Weight Gain
  • ​Foggy Brain
  • Chronic Fatigu
  • ​No Motivation
  • ​Mood Swings
  • ​Low Libido
  • ​Hot Flashes
  • ​Stressed
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Digestive Issues
  • ​And Many More Symptoms….
  • You want to provide patients dietary meal plans that are easy-to-follow and realistic which incorporate recipes, grocery lists, and food substitution guides to take the guesswork out of what to eat.
  • You want to offer patients a better way to eat that focuses on whole foods and clinically researched nutrients rather than one-size-fit-all diets such as Ketogenic, Paleo, AIP, etc….
  • You don’t have the time to work one-on-one with patients on how to eat better, but you don’t want to incur more fixed-employee costs to offer this type of service.
NOW Picture this...
  • You have access to 12 unique nutrient-based dietary plans which are packed with meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, food guides and more so patients no longer have to guess on how to eat right for their specific wellness condition.
  • Each condition-specific dietary plan focuses on clinically researched nutrients, the top whole food sources of these nutrients and recipes which infuses these nutrients and whole food sources into 30-minutes or less meals.
  • You can now add an on-demand functional medicine-based dietitian, nutritionist, and certified nutrition coach to your practice to work one-on-one with patients without any fixed-costs or upfront fees. We are an extension to your practice without the fixed overhead

What Practitioners Are Saying About Nutrevo Body

Zac Watkins D.C., CNS, IFM
LiveWell by Platform Health
"I have Nutrevo Body coaching 40+ patients in just two months. The nutrient-based meal plans combined with a one-on-one coach support system is getting great results with my patients. With Nutrevo Body focusing on patient results, I can now focus on growing my practice to the next level."
Stephen M., MD
The Miley Clinic
"With so many fad diets that focus on restrictions and calories, long-term patient compliance is usually poor. The nutrient-based eating system is a whole new way of eating for patients that is not a diet. The registered dietitian and nutrition coach team works directly with my patients as an extension to my services and practice."
One-size-fit-all diets are a thing of the past. The nutrient-based eating system by Nutrevo Body implements a food as medicine approach to optimizing specific wellness conditions with clinically researched nutrients and the top whole food sources of these nutrients. By combining therapeutic supplements with a foundational nutrient-based dietary plan, patients can achieve lasting results.
The weight loss nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support appetite, blood sugar, detoxification, metabolism, and lean muscle mass.
The digestion nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support the removal of gut pathogens, replacement of digestive enzymes, replenishing good bacteria, and repairing the gut.
The thyroid nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support TSH, T4/T3 conversion, thyroid-gut metabolism, and antioxidant levels.
The hormone nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support thyroid, cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone hormone balance.
The pain nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and nerve pain.
The energy nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support mitochondria function, detoxification, neurotransmitters, thyroid hormones, and adrenal hormones
The mood nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support neurotransmitters, hormone balance, and gut health
The immune nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support inflammation reduction, gut health, detoxification, antioxidant levels, and natural killer cell activity.
The heart health nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and homocysteine balance.
The blood sugar nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support blood sugar absorption, blood sugar metabolism, and cellular insulin sensitivity.
The fitness performance nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support mental mindset, stamina, toning, muscle mass, and recovery.
The skin beauty nutrient-based eating plan focuses on whole food sources of nutrients which support inflammation reduction, detoxification, hormone balance, gut health, and antioxidant levels.
Meet the Founder
Brian Dubyak
MS, CISSN, NASM-CNC, NASM-CPT, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach
Over the past 15 years, Brian has worked with integrative, functional, chiropractic, and medical weight loss centers in taking their practice to the next level. Brian has helped practitioners build multi-million-dollar, cash-based nutrition practices. He also personally coached and managed teams of coaches who over saw the care of 10,000+ patients. 

As the founder of the nutrient-based nutrition system from Nutrevo Body, Brian has created a turnkey, outsourced nutrition coaching and meal planning program for practitioners
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does this cost?
The cost is $99/month per client coached or $199/month per client coached. The difference in the client programs depends on the level of support your practice wants for clients.
Is there any upfront fees or monthly fixed costs?
No. The Nutrevo Body on-demand coaching and meal planning system only charges per client coached.
Who can use this meal planning and coaching system?
The Nutrevo Body system is designed for healthcare practitioners and wellness professionals to use within their business as an add-on to client care.
What do my clients get with this service?
All clients will receive from the Nutrevo Body nutrition team nutrient-based meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, food substitution guides, Nutrevo Body app, biometric tracking, unlimited in-app coach messaging and an initial registered dietitian or nutritionist kick-off call. For the $199/per client a month program, clients will also receive weekly phone calls from a certified nutrition coach, client biometric monitoring, expanded recipe ideas, and additional nutrition education support as needed.
Who coaches my clients?
The team at Nutrevo Body consists of functional-medicine registered dietitians, nutritionists, and certified health or nutrition coaches. We all have experience working one-on-one with clients in medical practice settings. Your practice gets the best of the best nutrition experts.
Does the Nutrevo Body team have experience in medical-grade nutrition supplements?
Yes. The majority of our coach team understands medical-grade nutrition supplements and their impact on health. In fact, the founder of the company worked for one of the country’s largest medical-nutrition supplement companies as a territory manager 15 years ago.
Can I create multi-month dietary plans for my clients?
Yes. Upon signing up with Nutrevo Body, you’ll work with an on-boarding specialist on creating a 1-month, 2-month, 3-month, or more dietary program for your client base. Each practice is different and our programs are designed to mirror your nutrition programs with clients. So if you place clients on a 3-month nutrition program, we can create a 3—month dietary and coach program which mirrors your program.
Do you provide medical nutrition therapy services?
No. Nutrevo Body does not diagnose, treat, cure, or manage any patient condition. We also do not provide patient specific medical nutrition therapy care. Our team provides nutrition education on nutrients, whole food sources of these nutrients, recipe ideas, behavior change support, and accountability. Patients should consult their physician or a registered dietitian for specific medical nutrition therapy care.
Can my clients bypass me and work directly with Nutrevo Body?
No. Clients can only work one-on-one with our nutrition team and gain access to our dietary plans through healthcare practitioners or wellness professionals.
Can I generate revenue through this coaching and meal planning system?
Yes. Nutrevo Body charges your business a fixed fee per client coached. Your business can upcharge the client directly for these services if desired.
Can I just use the dietary meal plans and not the coaching services?
At this time, no. The Nutrevo Body system combines both nutrient-based eating meal plans with an innovative virtual coach support system to maximize results. After coaching thousands of clients, we know the need for clients to have the one-on-one support is paramount to their success.
Can this service be implemented in every state?
Yes, Nutrevo Body can work with clients in all 50 states. At this time, we only work with clients in the US.

Two Patient Programs to Choose From...


  • Monthly Dietitian or Nutritionist Call
  • Unlimited In-App Coach Messaging
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, & Grocery Lists
  • Nutrevo Body App (IOS or Android)
  • Patient Biometric Tracking of Weight, Symptoms, Activities, & Hydration


  • Includes everything in the $99 program + 
  • Weekly Nutrition Coach Calls
  • Expanded Recipe Ideas & Nutrition Education
  • Patient Monitoring of Progress & Symptoms 
  • Supplement Compliance Check-Ins
How do I sign my clients up with Nutrevo Body by Evexia Diagnostics?
After signing your business up with Nutrevo Body, it’s 4-simple steps to signing a client up with us.
How to Get Your Practice Started with Nutrevo Body by Evexia diagnostics

It’s as Easy as 1……2……..3…….

Schedule Discovery Call

The first step in getting started with using Nutrevo Body by Evexia Diagnostics is scheduling a free discovery call with one of our customer service specialists to answer any questions you may have.

Sign-up & Onboard

In as little as 1-2 business days, we can onboard your practice, train your staff and create a dietary program which reflects your practice’s needs. It’s easy to get started on our meal planning and coaching system.

Schedule Clients

Once we provide your practice a unique scheduling link, you can now schedule clients directly with your on-demand dietitian or nutritionist for a kick-off call. In less than 3 minutes, you can schedule clients with us.
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